Mar 20, 2017 12:00
Contest on the best sticker for the company

Dear visitors and clients of the Auction House Sorta! We announce the contest on the best set of stickers for messages in the Telegram messenger! 

Who can participate in contest? 
- All who want to win a prize and have registered in our program! 

What prize will be provided to the winner and prize-winners? 

- The prize-winner who took the second place will get $50 to the account balance; 
- The prize-winner who took the third place will get $20 to the account balance; 
- The winner will get $100. 

The obligatoty conditions for participation in contest: 
-On all stickers obligatory shall be specified the name of the program and there shall be a word «Sorta»

For example: “The Auction House Sorta”, “Sorta”, “Sorta is paying”, “I Love the 
Auction House Sorta” and so forth - is admissible; “The Auction House” and other, not containing our name, - isn’t accepted; 

- The quantity of stickers allowing to take part in contest shan’t be less than 7. 

- The subject of stickers shall concern business of the company, investment process, payments, a partner cooperation and so on. 

Technical requirements: 
The file containing at least 7 (seven) stickers shall be in the .png format and each sticker shall have the size of 512×512 of pixels and a transparent background. 

At the determining of prize-winners and winners of contest on the best sticker for the company will be considered next: 

- Creativity; 

- Sense of humour; 

- Completeness of the subject performing and art component. 

Term of contest performing: 
2 weeks from the moment of publication of the this news on the official company’s website. 

Send your work to

Results of contest will be announced next day after contest completion. 

Auction House Sorta wishes to all participants of a victory! Good luck! 
Yours faithfully, the Auction House Sorta team. 

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