Privacy plicy

After made the registration procedure and deposit done, the Client agrees to pass by the request of the Administration of the program necessary for the proper performance of its obligations in terms of providing all possible assistance to the Client and support by information that may be required to fulfill these obligations, and the Administration, in turn, agrees to use this information in the interests of the Client solely.

Any other purpose for which the information may be used for personal information, are not allowed.

The Company must using the data provided by the Client strictly within the law that regulates the relationship between equal partners and regulates their powers, rights and duties. Also the relationship concerning the confidentiality of information and transactions are regulated “Rules & Agreements”.

The Company ensures that the Client’s data and other data that may be needed in the process of cooperation, are strictly confidential and under no circumstances can not be transferred to third parties. In this case separately emphasized that the guarantee of non-disclosure and security of data are available for the Client, even if have avoided partially or fully not complied with in the course of cooperation “Rules & Agreements”.

However, the Company has the right to rely on the loyalty of their clients and strongly encourages each Client to comply with the Company’s rights to its intellectual property in the framework of the existing cooperation and legislation.
In case of proven non-compliance by the Company publicly announced guarantees by the of data confidentiality or violation of rights under the our Rules, the Client has the right to any legal way to return to the state of all agreements, as well as qualify for compensation in case the Client has suffered certain material losses as a result to the above actions of the Administration of the Company.