Partnership programme

The Auction House Sorta took care about your income had an opportunity to grow not only from profit which you get, buying a part of Lots. Our Partnership programme will give you an additional opportunity of active earnings on a stable basis. Everything that you need for this purpose – to invite new participants in investment process.

Our Partnership programme represents system of encouragement and a cooperation which gives to each active investor the possibility of stable active earnings.

At the investment of personally invited partner, you have an opportunity to get 10% of that amount which your partner has invested in the company. To have an opportunity to use our Partnership programme, you shall have the minimum nominal of the active investments in the company.As you already understood, this kind of earnings in our program isn’t limited. Everything depends only from you, from your activity and desire to get an additional money from invitations of the new participants.

If you want to do it, if you are enterprising and persistent, so, using the Partnership programme, you can earn the significant amounts.Use this given opportunity, tell about us and what we do to your friends and acquaintances, teach them how is it correct to invest, provide them primary consultation how is it correct and profitable to make investments. And then your work will be appreciated and you will be able to change cardinally your life to the best side.