Frequently asked questions

Investment, funds withdrawal, account

What is the minimum amount available to investment?
The minimum amount possible to invest is $10.
What payment systems can be used at the investment?
Available payment systems:
Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza.
How many time is required for handling of a request for payment of funds?
All requests for payment of funds can be processing up to 24 hours.
Whether there is the minimum and maximum amount which are allowed to payments?
According to the made investments when are performed the charges?
All financial transactions are performed daily, seven days a week.
What is the Lot?
Lot is a subject, having invested in purchase of which, you will have an opportunity to get profit throughout certain time. In more detail about how much you will be able to get of profit and how to participate in investment, you can learn having passed into the «Lots» section.
Percentage charges which I receive daily, is it my net profit?
No, as well the profit, as and a part of a of your principal amount included in the daily percentage charges.
How many accounts is it possible to create in the program?
You can create only one investment account.
What if Ill create more than one investment account?
If any user will create more than one investment account, all accounts of such user will be blocked and the deposit return will be impossible.
Whether is it possible to request payment of funds earned according to investments or payment of partner reward to the payment system which doesn't correspond to that which using of which have been made this investments?
No. Any fund which the company pays to clients can be received only on that payment system with using of which client, or his referral, have been a deposit.
How many Lots I can purchase?
The quantity of Lots, which are available to purchase, isn't limited.
How often the company will be add the new Lots?
The Lots, which are available to investment will be adding every three days. Watch for our additions in order to not to miss the most interesting offers.
Whether is it possible to withdraw the invested deposit ahead of schedule?
Whether there are fees charges in the program?


May I earn partner reward, without having own deposit in the program?
To have an opportunity to use our Partnership programme, you need to make the minimum deposit in the program. Invest only $10 and you get all additional opportunities of active earnings.
In what section are located the promotional materials?
Any materials which will help you with invitations of new participants in the program are located in your personal account.

General questions, support

In what section can I study documents of the company?
To learn about us in more detail, pass into the «Contacts» section.
If I want to change payment data how I can to do it?
By written provision of proofs about you really are the owner of this account, we will make changes to your payment data.
I want to change an email, which has been specified at registration. How can be done it?
It can be done only at confirmation of this change about which you receive a request for email which you want to change.
In what section I can find the help?
To contact the support of the company, pass into the «Contacts» section and use a feedback form.
If I forgot the password, what should I do?
You can recover the password, having used function of «password recovery».
How is it safe the use of the company's website?
The website is equipped with all necessary remedies of data, information and its working capacity from DDoS-attacks. In particular, we have ssl data encription of EV SSL Green Address Bar and modern system of protection against DDoS-attacks of any type.
What working schedule of client support?
Client support works according to the schedule:
Monday through Friday from 9 a. m. to 8 a. m. GMT+0;
On Saturday and Sunday from 10 a. m. to 6 a. m. GMT+0.