About us

The Auction House Sorta specializes in holding liquidation auctions at which is provided the property of the companies and physical persons which is subject to sale on account of settlement of different types of debt.

It is very complex business requiring extensive knowledge of history, the understanding of cultural, historical and material value of any object or a subject of an auction which interesting us. To be confident that the deal can make profit with guarantee are used the experience and skills of specialists of our Auction House. Our experts in the field of painting, applied arts, and also historians and economists take out its expert opinion in each subject then there is assessment of its commercial prospects financial specialists of the Auction House Sorta. And only after that the deal can be concluded.

Thus we reduce any risks to zero which are concerned with an investment of money and we get stable profit subsequently.

Availability of extensive communications in the world of collectors of objects of antiques and in the sphere of arts became possible thanks to many years of performing by us of the faultless business. And this partnership with profile experts and specialists gives to the Auction House Sorta indisputable and obvious advantages.

Our mission – keeping an original history of Great Britain, and also preserving historical legacy which has been created by people throughout the last several centuries. Performing this activities, we not only commercial association. We are the social indicator of moral health of society, because thanks to our efforts and a joint cooperation with many British museums, we manage to return back and make property of all people a set of the art objects and artifacts having great historical value.

Our purposes - to strengthen in a bigger degree financial positions for confident implementation of the own mission. For this purpose we take all possible steps in the direction of joint cooperation with investors. It allows us steadily and to confidently conclude new deals and to dictate new trends in the market of liquidation auctions.

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The Auction House Sorta is not just commercial company. We – the British trading association as a part of which found itself the huge number of people from the world of art and history. Our course on a sociality of business and availability of participation in the processes which are carried out by the Auction House it is the high achievement in the world of commercial deals. This direction, like as one of the most important values of the Auction House Sorta, at the same time is an important part of social aspect of our business and creates trusting relationships with investors. Because trust it is the our most important value in cooperation with clients worldwide.

Provision of opportunities for commercial growth to our investors – also one of fundamental tasks of the Auction House and we take all necessary steps in this direction, realizing the plans progressively, according to our strategic program of development of the online business.

Development of commerce in the Internet – a perspective phase of our evolution which will be done by us in close cooperation with investors. We understand all importance of this activity and were carefully prepared for this work. Our investment offers are a profitable investment of money for any investor, and experience, the international reputation and high professionalism of experts of the Auction House Sorta are guarantors of stable and long-term cooperation.