• High profit and
    stable interaction
    We take all possible steps in the direction of joint cooperation with investors to strengthen the positions for implementation of the own mission
  • The social aspect and
    The investment availability
    Our course on a sociality of business and availability of participation in the processes which are carried out by the Auction House it is the high achievement in the world of commercial deals.
  • Our legacy and
    Saving of the British values
    The Auction House Sorta creates trends in liquidation auctions and cooperates with the British museums, keeping our legacy.
83702.49 $total funds
42507.90 $total withdrawals
The Auction House Sorta specializes in holding liquidation auctions at which is provided the property of the companies and physical persons which is subject to sale on account of settlement of different types of debt. Provision of opportunities for commercial growth to our investors – also one of fundamental tasks of the Auction House and we take all necessary steps in this direction.
Investments reliability
Your funds will reliably work, without risks of losses and slumps of profit level
Work stability
Business accuracy, professionalism and team work provide the stable result
The company guarantees full safety and security of investments anyway
Your data protection
We guarantee confidentiality of the data provided to the company anyway
High profit
Steadily high rates of profit regardless of the economic situations
The unique partnership solution for increase of the active incomes of our investors
To understand how we earn and how we give the chance to earn to others, it is necessary just to study the scheme of this simple process which is stated below. Here you can visually study simple steps which will surely lead you to good money. We have thought over all process in order to in practice everything was transparent and was available to each our investor.
Process of expert assessment of LotsThe Auction House Sorta performs the careful selection at liquidation auctions of objects which in our opinion, will be the most favorable and perspective as the Lots.
The formation process of the LotsThe Auction House Sorta creates purchasing requests of objects at auctions, creating the Lots which can be used as investment objects by clients of the company.
The stake investingPotential investors invest funds, buying of a part of cost of this or that Lot, claiming for the part of profit from the subsequent sale of the Lot which correspond to the nominal of deposit.
Sale of the LotsThe Auction House Sorta performs sale of this or that Lot at the price exceeding its initial cost and share the got profit between all investors who invested money in this Lot.
The Auction House Sorta took care about your income had an opportunity to grow not only from profit which you get, buying a part of Lots. Our Partnership programme will give you an additional opportunity of active earnings on a stable basis. Everything that you need for this purpose – to invite new participants in investment process.
Passive income
from the
each deposit of
the invited
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